DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas!๐Ÿ‘”

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day !!
I was determined this year to make Father’s Day as equally crafty as Mother’s Day and that the dads would approve!
So today in church we a had Father’s Day Breakfast and I thought I would bring fruit but in a different way that would make all the fathers (and children) want to eat them!
Anything tastes better when it’s on kabobs!

I finally got to use my Christmas gift yesterday night , the Pop Chef!
Now I love doing fruit arrangements and have done it the old fashioned way, with a knife and a cookie cutter!
(Terribly messy!)
But I am OBSESSED how easy and quick it was to do fun shapes !!


Since it was Father’s Day I wanted to make something that would fit the occasion and the season, none other then making a barbecue grill out of watermelon!


So here what you’ll need to get started!

~1 Round Watermelon
~ Strawberries I used about 5 cartons
~ 3 Pineapples
~ Skewer Sticks
~ 2 Bags of Grapes
~ Celery Sticks

First things first you want to the watermelon straight down the middle!
Next you want to take your melon baller and scoop all the flesh out and save it for the fruit kabobs!

Next you want to make three holes on the bottom for the legs! Don’t drill to deep or else they won’t stay up! Kind like a bowling ball.

Put the celery sticks in for the legs! And Reinforce them with the skewers!


Next you want to place your “charcoal” (grapes) in the watermelon and place skewers all over the top to make the grill.

Assemble your fruit kabobs and add them to the top and you’re done!


My dad loved the idea of the watermelon grill!

Next craft was the Hershey’s Envelope Dress Shirt Gift!

Because which dad doesn’t like chocolate ?
I saw this on Pinterest and immediately had to give it a try!

What you will need:
~White Envelopes
~ Hershey’s Candy bars
~ Scrapbook Paper
~Hot Glue

First you want to cut the envelope about an inch and seal it up !



Next find the middle and cut about an inch and fold them down to make the collared shirt!
So cute!!


After that you want to draw your tie template and trace it onto your fav scrapbook paper!
I love the polkadot tie! Just Saying!

Hot Glue everything on and Put the Hershey’s candy bar in and you’re done!!๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‘”


I hope you enjoyed your Father’s Day!!!
Til Next Time!


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